In the following you can find answers to common questions. Please read this page as well as the rules first before you write a support ticket.


Who is allowed to participate in the KFC Royale?
Every participant must be citizen, or be a resident of the United Kingdom at least since since June 1st, 2018.

When can I sign up for KFC Royale?
The signup for all qualifiers start on .

What are the requirements for signing up?
You need to be logged in to the website with your GameSports network account and have your PlayStation Network Online ID entered as a game account. More information on the signup process can be found here.

My PlayStation Network Online ID is already in use. What can I do?
In most cases like this, your PlayStation Network Online ID has been used by yourself on a previous account. Check up, if you already have a different GameSports network account, keeping in mind that those exist across multiple websites. Either use this other account for the KFC Royale or remove the game account from it to solve the problem. If you need further assistance, please submit a support ticket.

How do I sign up for a qualifier?
Please check our sign-up guide.

What is the check in?
Each participant has to confirm their participation for each qualifier. The check in starts 30 minutes before the official qualifier starting time. The first 128 participants to check in secure a slot in the qualifier. Participants, who check in afterwards, are placed on the waiting list.

What is the waiting list?
If a participant checks in too late (that is after 128 other participants already checked in), they are put on the waiting list. It sometimes occurs that players get removed from the qualifier if they're ineligible to play or can't make it to the qualifier after all. That's why it's always worthwhile to wait for the qualifier to start if you are high up on the waiting list.

How many qualifiers are there?
KFC Royale consists of 16 qualifiers in the Qualifier Stage, which run every week, with some exceptions, from wednesday to friday at starting on January 17th. On each day there is one qualifier. The tournament series is concluded by the Grand Finals, which will take place on February 24th. An exact schedule can be found in the rules.

How many players can participate in each qualifier?
Each qualifier has a check in cap of 128 players.

Can I play in more than one qualifier?
Yes, you can play in up to 8 out of the 16 qualifiers. However, if you win one of the qualifiers, you are already qualified for the Grand Finals and not allowed to play any upcoming qualifier.

What is the format of the qualifiers?
Each qualifier in Stage 1 will run a Single Elimination bracket. The winner of each qualifier will advance to the Grand Finals.

Can I sign up for the Grand Finals?
No, only the winner of each qualifier will qualify for the Grand Finals. They will pair up with their caster of the qualifier. The Grand Finals will take place on February 24th. If you qualified, but can't attend the Grand Finals, please write a support ticket.

What can I win in the tournament?
You can find all the prizes in our rules.

Playing Matches
When does each qualifier start?
Each qualifier starts at on the given tournament days.

How many rounds are there in each qualifier?
Each qualifier will have seven rounds.

How do I find my opponent?
For each match there will be a match page, where you can see your opponent. You can find the PlayStation Network Online ID on their player profiles. Please add each other via the PlayStation Network, so you can queue up together.

How do I start my match?
Once you found your opponent and added them to your friendlist, you need to create a duo and queue a normal matchmaking game together. If your match is being casted, you also need to add and invite the caster and queue as quad. Don't worry, the caster will suicide right away to not influence the match.

How do find out if my match is being casted?
The caster will leave a comment on the match page for each match they will cast. So please always check the comments on the match pages before you start the match.

Who wins the match?
As you play together in duos (or quads), the winner is determined as per our rules. The player with the most kills wins. If both players are tied in kills, the tiebreaker rules apply.

My opponent is late or does not show up at all. What can I do?
If your opponent does not show up in time, please write a support ticket and attach evidence (e.g. screenshot of pending friend request). An admin will then check the situation and give a default win if they see fit.

What happens if my opponent and I are tied in the match?
Please check our tiebreaker rules. A short summary:

  • Highest damage in the match
  • Longest range for a kill

If the match is still tied, it has to be replayed.

What happens if my opponent and I both die without dealing any damage?
In this case the match has to be replayed.

The match is over. How do I report the score?
Once the match is concluded, both players need to enter the score on the match page. It sometimes happens that one party does not report the score (mostly the losing player). For these situations please always make sure to take screenshots of the post-game summary and send it in via support ticket. An admin will then check the situation and enter the score for you.

I won. What happens next?
If the score is successfully reported and depending on how fast your game was, you may need to wait a few minutes for your next opponent. Please make sure to always check and refresh the tournament bracket. Once your opponent has finished their game, you go to the next match page and repeat the previous steps.

Something went wrong. How do I get help?
If you run into any kind of issue, please always write a support ticket. An admin will then get back to you as soon as possible.

My opponent behaved poorly, what can I do?
Please also write a support ticket and make sure to attach as much evidence (screenshots) as possible, so the admin can properly judge the situation.